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Background  Information


Pre - 1971 -  I was a very busy person cutting many lawns, building patios, finished basements, painting, and 62 papers on my paper route, working in the audio visual department in high school.   


Dec. 4, 1971 - age 16, 11th grade - Woke up paralyzed from ALS - Lou Gehrig's. Hospitalized 40% of the time from that point on through Oct 1976.

Teachers came to the home to tutor me. When I was able to walk with a cane, 

It took an entire period to walk from class to class. I went to periods 1, 3, 5, 7 one day, 2, 4, 6, 8 the next.    Graduated Locust Valley High School in 1973.


1973 - 76 - While in college, I worked in Delicatessens to pay my way through college, later, got my real estate license to earn better money to pay my way through college.


1976 - Graduated New York Institute of Technology - Architecture


1976 - North Site Realty, Brookville, NY,

                              let's just say that they were not what I consider honest people.
            I went to work for  Cappadora Realty in Levittown, 


Physically Collapsed Shortly After, October 26, 1976, given 3 weeks to live without surgery, 3 - 6 months with surgery. "My Background" explains detail. Recovery painful, could not stand straight and could not walk without help. Cappadora visited me often while I was in the hospital recovering. I continued to do work while in the hospital when I was able, I was always motivated, and had people do work for me when I was not able to. I even designed homes from my bed when I was not in excruciating pain, it helped to divert my mind off the pain as best as possible.


1978 - I continued to work with Cappadora Realty until I started with Global Steel. In addition,On the side, I created my own design/construction company "IMAGES Unlimited" Inc/Licensed about 1983.


1978 - Suffolk Developmental Center -  Mental Health Facility, Melville, NY - Mental Health Therapy Aide. I worked with people whose IQ was below 20, to take care of them in many capacities. I loved it. 


1979 - Global Steel in Deer Park, NY  -  Larry Smith gave me the chance, He told me "We'll give you the chance, come on over." I was a draftsman/designer.  He was a wonderful boss. The company was all wonderful good people. I felt so honored to work with him, he was so far and honorable. I only left Global Steel because I went to Stony Brook University to study to be a transplant surgeon.


1980 - 85 : Stony Brook University - my medical program, plus I taught Chemistry Lab and trained in the Surgical Transplantation Research Dept.


The Chemistry Lab Department was run by Dr. Carolyn B. Allen. She was so devoted and a great person. Paul Lauderbur was the head of the entire chemistry dept. he invented the Imaging part of the MRI. Ray Damadian invented the scanning part of the MRI. Ray is also a personal friend. In the labs the teachers are called Teacher assistants, (TA).  I tied first place as best Chemistry Lab TA. I also taught the last Lecture of the semester to the entire class, Called "Quantitative Analysis, where they apply the cumulative information into the lab lesson.  


I also worked in the Surgical Transplant Department on preservation techniques for Kidney, Heart, lung and Pancreas, working to increase preservation time from 3 days with Collins solution to 5 days with TFP.


I was battling the department because I found that by educating the patients, they saw that they had mineral deficiencies, by taking various minerals, most saw their functions increased from 20% to 30, 50, 70, 80, then no longer needed the transplant. I was showing that the mineral deficiency was the cause of the organ failure. by correcting the mineral balances, the organ restored function and transplants were not required in most cases.


With certain doctors I worked with, experimented by adding my mineral formula into the preservation mixture. Over the 4 year period, we tweaked the formula based on the results. Instead of 3 - 5 days increase, we saw 7 days and up to 14 - 20 days survival. which got me into trouble.  But I was so happy with the results


About the Spring 1985, my documented data was no longer available, I found that my data was removed. Then, the head of the department scolded me, referred to me as an arrogant, tenacious radical, as he pounded the table, "Your discoveries are costing us money,  which will destroy our future funding if you continue. You either stop this crap and do as we tell you, otherwise we will pull your license when you get it.?"  I was only interested in saving lives, not making money, especially at the cost of somebody's life.


I was soon to receive my license. However, I was strongly threatened. I did not want my license if it meant killing people for the sake of money, and fraudulently doing transplants when resolution was through mineral correction and no surgical nor toxic applications.  Their only focus is to use chemical toxins instead of replenishing the body naturally, especially when I proved it many times. I also showed that when mineral levels were correct, anesthesia was minimal and recovery was fast.


Because I was extremely upset, my goal was to save lives the natural way, whereas, the director had no problem allowing people to die because his only focus was to use the patients as a "Cash Cow" tool to make money, Although I was soon to receive my license, I could not deal with that threat, so, I resigned. 


1985 - Kulka Construction - Hauppauge Industrial Park - I worked for Jack Kulka as Construction Co-ordinator for the many multi-million dollar professional buildings. I enjoyed it.


1985 - AIL Eaton Corp, Deer Park, NY - approached me. I became 2nd in command as Architectural Engineer for their 9 buildings, about 7,500 employees. I also did their real estate/lease negotiations, I became the head of "Space Planning", including the 5 year projections and designed and coordinated the  Expansion and the related contractors. 


1992 - Dean Witter Reynolds - Stockbroker/Financial advisor - Series 6, 7, 63.

I took the test for the Series 13 (hedge funds) about when I was in the bomb, I do not remember whether I finished, passed or not. I was busy because I had a great honorable reputation, and was expanding. I spent February 1993 in the World Trade Center for upgrade and training. the last day, Feb 26, to be on the early afternoon train to go home, the bomb blew at 12:18. I had multiple injuries, fractures and bomb shrapnel in me, extremely painful, hospitalized for a while, even in that sever condition, As beaten up as I was, and working from my bed,

I was still able to rank in the top 25% of that training class. 


My manager was quite arrogant and cruel, demanded that I either be at the office 8 AM - 10 PM 4 days and til 6 PM on Fridays, I must go on disability, otherwise I would be fired and forced to be liable to repay the $28,000 training costs, then he reduced my salary to 25% so I would get 1/4 of what I should receive from disability. he made it clear that he was not interested in my injuries and called it "A Personal Problem". Nobody at DW listened to me. meanwhile, I was producing more than most people in the office, but the arrogant dictatorship was not fair. The recovery was extremely extremely difficult because I did not get any help. If they let me continue, I would have been more successful and productive if they allowed me to continue working. I was black listed in the industry, nobody would hire me because they were afraid I would become a liability to them because of the injuries. Nobody understood my willingness to be productive.


1995 - Long Island Savings Bank understood my situation and hired me. Because I know so many people in the real estate field, and because I had a strong reputation for my Honor, morals, and ethics. They hired me. I was quite successful with a high volume of loans. I collected everything and basically underwrote the loans before I submitted them, therefore, the processor's job was all done, and ready to close. because of my underwriting, I basically had a "0" Loan Failure rate, and basically the all did well and did not go into foreclosure.


After a few months, a loan officer unfairly and ridiculously declared that I was violating "Her Territory" claiming that she is the "only Loan officer allowed to do any loans in the town of St James". She demanded that she inherit all of the loans I submitted, my manager did not support me,


I went to the headquarters, I proved that there was no such guideline, but the manager told me that she has to enforce it, otherwise she will lose that loan officer. As a result. I went to FLEET Bank Mortgage, all my clients agreed with my intentions, we canceled all non-closed loans at Long Island Savings Bank and resubmitted to FLEET. I did well for a while, then that office was closed. the alternate location was too far,


1996 - USA Mortgage , Bohemia, NY I worked there for a few years. they worked with me, I was still in pain, and could not walk well, I needed help at times. They also let me work from home when I could not walk or was in too pain. I was a very good producer with high quality loans. That company was very supportive and were very kind people.


1997 - During the Spring, as I was learning to walk again with less help,

New York Institute of Tech/NYCOM agreed with my theories, and I worked on my masters program course of "Nutritional Physical Biochemistry" Susan Ettinger was my professor, she was so helpful, and people in the class helped me because of my walking difficulties, they we so wonderful.


My thesis to that is my booklet "Primary Discussion"


As I was finishing that and learning to walk again without as much help, 

my sister was diagnosed 9/12/97 with the same pancreatic cancer that I had. in a month, Oct 10, I got her to show 1/3 reduction, her doctor convinced her to stop my formula, gave her chemo radiation, started Oct 15, passed away in 2 months, Dec 15. I was devastated by this. I told Lora that we have to help as many people as we can to prevent a repeat of what happened to Diana.


At her funeral, Dec 18, 1997, my mom's best friend's husband had colon cancer the size of a football, given no hope. he was clean by memorial Day 1998, I knew I nailed it.


1998 - As I was starting to walk better,  I started to help more people, saw the positive results, and created the National Cancer Research Foundation.


We started by educating people, saw how expensive the needed mineral cost these people. A friend whose brother had Leukemia started the basic formula, improved dramatically. We became good friends and he manufactures for me, He proved his honorable and ethical character many times over. we have a great team in our efforts to help people.


We started in 2001 with 40 - 50 kits monthly, 205 was about  150.2008 was 250, 2010 was 800, we are now at about between 2,500 - 3,000 kits monthly.


September 2012 - earned my doctorate - Naturopathic Practitioner, 4.0 cum.

                               Now:   Dr. Fred Eichhorn ND,  or  Dr. Fred V. Eichhorn.


Many doctors are joining our team because they see how well their patients are and they want to help their other patients. because of my experience, We can train them to properly understand the biochemistry behind it. when they see the results, that is confirmation, which causes "Word of Mouth Expansion"


as we are well known internationally, I have been approached by many friends in the financial and mortgage field. utilizing my experiences, to create a team to re-instate the licenses and work for the banks t provide mortgages and all financial services, which will be like a third dimension of awareness to reach may more