Designing  Health  

 To  Perfection



The 4 corporations:


1.  National Cancer Research Foundation  

      a.  Filing Receipt – 3/26/1999      –     Dun & Brad 11-3481804:


      b.  Certificate of Incorporation – page 3, #7 shows Lora and I,

            our accountant Mike Sanfilippo, as the owners. 

                   Mike passed away from a heart attack 4 years ago, 

                                       he never took CELLECT.

            Mike was my dear friend since we were 15 years old.

      c.  Not-For-Profit  501-C-3: 8/16/04 letter - 

                                                           exemption issued May 2001. 


      d.  ST-119  Tax Exemption Certificate # EX 245602 - 

                                                                                     issued 8/4/08



2. Valentin Management


 Manages the other corporations, provides funds for manufacture.


 a. Filing Receipt   4/5/2012        Dun & Brad 45-5031523

 b. Certificate of Incorporation shows that I am the sole owner.



3. Ogelthorpe  -  Wholesale Sales  


        Distributes and sells to Cellect and other Labels:

                   Essentials Factor, Trican, Conscious Essentials.

        I will soon be adding labels:

                   Body X Cell, Femme X Cell, Pet X Cell,  


 Website: includes other products:

               Olive leaf extract, Probiotics. 

                            Doctors, practitoners & resellers use this label.


 a. Filing Receipt   10/2/2006        

                                Dun & Brad - 20-5691158  &  02-243-7778 

 b. Certificate of Incorporation shows I am the sole owner



4. Cellect Products  –  Retail Sales.      


Oglethorpe is the distributor,


As I was originally an architectural engineer and builder,

the original Filing in 1983 was as an architectural design

and construction company.


After med school, when I created the

          National Cancer Research Foundation, 10/06/1998

          I changed the “Assumed name” to Cellect PRODUCTS. 


 a. Filing Receipt  10/06/1998           Dun & Brad 11-3456193

 b. Certificate of Incorporation shows that I am the sole owner