Designing  Health  

 To  Perfection



IMAGES Unlimited  -  DBA  Cellect Products


Certification shows I am the sole owner


IMAGES Unlimited was

Originally Incorporated October 6, 1998

CELLECT DBA - Incorporated February 27, 2002


CELLECT's function: Retatil sales

Ogelthorp is the distribution supplier

As I was originally an Architectural Engineer and Builder, 

the original filing for IMAGES Unlimited was 1983 as an 

Architectural Engineering and Construction Company. 

The original "Assumed Name" was "IMAGES Unlimited"


After Med School and

Masters in Nutritional Physical BioChemistry, etc, 

I focused on cancer and related issues. 

When I created the National Cancer Research Foundation, 

2002 - "CELLECT Products" 

Became the 2nd "Assumed Name"   


Dun & Bradstreet # 11-3456193



Below is the original Incorporation on October 6, 1998

The DBA for    CELLECT  Products   was added February 27, 2002