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 To  Perfection

                                         Happy  Holidays  2014


We hope everyone is doing well. 2014 has been a very interesting year 

with some very exciting things happening as well. Another blur right into 

2015 - full speed ahead. Our Port Jefferson Station office is quite busy. 

We opened a satellite location in Phoenix AZ, which is now moving to a 

location 4 times larger, as people from all over the globe contact us. 

We are working hard to make it all work.   


Mark & Kelly bought a house in the Boston area, adopting a dog, Daisy. 

Scott & Sharon enjoy little Joseph, 18 months old, walking great, with a 

great personality and attitude. Sharon took the formula throughout her 

pregnancy, no morning sickness. She had a completely natural delivery, 

without an epidural or pain killers. Joseph takes Cellect daily, looks 

forward to it and is very healthy. Lora enjoys playing bells and singing in 

the church choir. 

Freddie continues to humor everyone with his jokes, 

he enjoys making ‘em smile.


The website is in the process of being vastly updated with

             video explanations, testimonials and more information.  

Helpful Links -;   

Action Causes Reaction -

Cellular and Chemistry Summary -;                                          How it Works -


              We are also on FACEBOOK. The group link:


The growth, internationally too, continues with increased volume as we 

help so many new people with their various conditions, with great results. 

We were not able to help a few because of other interfering treatments or 

lack of consistency; especially when people jump from one protocol to 

another, combine the program with other treatments, expecting magical 

results. Sadly, that does not work.

I get very upset when that happens. We found that people who didn’t

have previous treatments had faster, more effective results. We cannot

tell people what to do. We try to reach people earlier to better educate

them to prevent problems.


Many women show “Observational Results” with PMS, Endometriosis, 

hormone issues, pregnancy, conception, fetal development and 

menopause. I developed the name Femme X Cell because some 

commented they do not like taking something identified with cancer. 

I hope to have it available soon, with related pictures on the label. 

Link will be:, Also will be on FACEBOOK.


Pet X Cell, for pets, is also in the development stages, available soon, 

Link will be: Also will be on FACEBOOK


Body X Cell, a wellness version is being developed because many 

people want a name that identifies with their situation, Specifically for 

good health and various

other conditions like cholesterol, diabetes, cardiac issues (reported 

great results, many no longer need their medications). The Link will be:

And also will be on FACEBOOK. We anticipate creating other 

FACEBOOK names reflecting the various conditions, and each will 

have testimonials to show how it is effective for the various conditions.


                Interesting experience which might help many

 Many remember my 1993 World Trade Center injuries, multiple

fractures, and bomb shrapnel. It took many years before I could walk.

April 19, 2013, I fell, re-injured L-3, 4, 5, S-1, & coccyx tailbone,

damaged 4 facets, with herniated & bulging discs, my right leg was 75%

numb. November 9, 2013 I fell, injured my knee & spine more severely

and was totally crippled from a hematoma on my knee the size of a

softball, tore the tendons and nerves and I was not able to walk for 5

weeks, On Feb 10, 2014 the Physical Therapist massaged the

hematoma, broke the encapsulation, releasing blood that went into my

lungs causing Pulmonary Embolisms in both lungs, 80% blockage

(15 – 20% in one lung is enough to kill a person). 

My legs were total clots from ankle to hip, quite painful.

Lora was quite upset. I do not have a spleen, because of my

pancreatic cancer surgery, which breaks down blood clots & old red

blood cells.

I had 3 sets of surgery to remove as much blood clots as possible, 

I still have 25% of the clots remaining and almost no circulation in both 

legs. I am starting to walk a little, extremely painful to walk, also painful

to breathe and talk. Exertion increases painful breathing and pain in the

legs, so, I have to lay down and rest often. I was told it would take a

year before I could walk again & longer to improve walking capabilities.

I increased the CELLECT to about 6 – 8 daily which has helped the

body break down the  blood clots and healing process. 

The doctors were quite surprised to see improvement, commenting

they never saw it before. I started walking in September, which is much

faster than doctors anticipated. Although my recovery is a painful

struggle, still very painful, it is in a forward direction.


           Good news - Some of the recent Impressive cases are:


Jen - in Feb 2009 was fighting Brain Cancer, Astrocytoma, 3rd 

recurrence, surgery was not an option. She reluctantly agreed to 

chemo along with this. In 5/09 MRI revealed 75% necrotic tissue, 

in 11/09 testing showed no evidence of cancer. She stopped this 

protocol and returned to bad diet and alcohol. 

Aug. 8, 2011 tests showed 4th recurrence. She was determined - 

decided to take 14 scoops a day. In one month - Sept. 8, 2011 scans 

documented no evidence of cancer and no residual evidence. One year 

anniversary Aug. 7, 2012 showed stable no evidence, no need for further 

testing unless clinically indicated; the scar tissue from previous surgeries

 is breaking down into normal tissue. The Oct. 20, 2013 Luncheon 

Fundraiser, she explains her story. Today she is still fine and reaches 

out to help others. Link - Oct. 20, 2013: 


Wendy: Update - 10/6/06 - diagnosed with liver cancer in 2 locations, 

she was given about 3 months to live at that time. Her doctor was

adamant that she immediately start chemo. She refused, she chose our

approach with a different doctor, and her other doctor has not spoken to

her since. By 1/9/07, there was no evidence. Today she’s fine, jogs

almost every day, is a volleyball referee and is quite active. Link:


Virginia – was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer early 2013. 

Started program April 2013. In August 2013, updated ultrasound and 

blood work showed no evidence of cancer. Virginia is quite happy.


Debbie - Head & Neck cancer. Started 10/20/11. Confused doctors 

called it Continual Cancer despite no evidence, feels great, doing fine.


Diane- 54, on 4/14/13 was diagnosed  Gynecological cancer, declined chemotherapy, radiation & Surgical interventions, recognized they can 

create long lasting side effects. She decided to find natural modalities

to heal. She found our site, found our info compelling, spoke to office, 

hasn’t looked back since, not easy. Dedicated 6 months, handles the

healing process with strength, conviction & grace. It is truly paying off, 

seen great improvement in skin issues,

tremendous weight loss (desired), & start of cancer tissue breakdown.


Jim - Mid 40’s - Diabetic many years, had low energy, cramps, worked 

in the construction field. He took  4 scoops daily. In 4 days he weaned 

off metformin. His glucose numbers dropped from 225 - 300 to 85 - 95. 

His energy is back, no cramps, full of energy.


Jennifer - Diabetic for 20 years, 12 years using an insulin pump taking 

16 steady units daily. After 6 months, her most recent visit to the office 

she shared that she has been able to reduce her insulin to 9 units. 

She is very pleased and is weaning herself off the insulin.


Craig - Spring 2011 - diagnosed pancreatic cancer, had whipple

surgery, was told he would live 1½ years max. By Nov 2011 he was

feeling great and it looked like there was no evidence of cancer. He he

is doing well. He does have a few problems from the surgery, but the

scar tissue is breaking down better than typical. He is doing GREAT


Robert – July 10, 2013 - diagnosed with High Grade Bladder Cancer. 

After evaluating his options, he declined the typical approaches for

more natural ways of healing and came across the information at NCRF. 

March 4, 2014, 8 months later, he came to the office to report that his 

latest FISH test yielded great results and that he had a clear bill of

health with no evidence of cancer. 


Bastien - (Black Lab Service dog) - was diagnosed with 

Hemangiosarcoma, fatal to dogs, given no hope. He took the CELLECT 

and by August 19, 2013, showed no evidence, is doing great. They sent 

a picture of him with two big balloons, holding a sign in his mouth on his 

one year "no evidence" anniversary. He enjoys being a service dog and 

companion to those who love him; so adorable.


Marcia - Diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2002, had treatments; 

then ovarian in 2004; Terminal metastatic liver/colon in 2007- 

had surgery. Started in November 2009, April 2010 tests showed great. 

Currently “Cancer-Free” 4 years - Feels great. 


J- 11 years old, started August 2011 – Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy, 

no muscle tone, extremely weak, bones sticking out. After a week, 

he showed improved muscle tone, ribs and bones holding more

correctly. After a few weeks, muscles hold bones correctly, can sit up on

his own, can push himself around, sat on an alligator float as his mom

pulled him round the pool, he held himself up straight. Many

improvements as time continues; very exciting.

Not 100% yet but still improving.


Carol - Her 7 pound dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma. 

Doctors said that her dog would die in 2 weeks. After 4 months of 

taking the CELLECT her dog is doing GREAT !!!!!!!! 


Augie - (yellow Lab) - January 2011, initially diagnosed with bone and 

skin cancer, severe in April, family did not expect him to reach his 

birthday on May 12th. Pictures show improvements comparing April 7 to 

May 12 (picture wearing bottle as a birthday hat) and video running in

the back yard. Memorial Day video shows no evidence as he jumps

into the lake to get his stick. Many comparison pictures are available

to show dramatic improvements - see link:  


Mugsy - young bull dog - 3 inch tumor removed, cancer spreading to 

other body parts, given 1 month to live. A year later he is fine.


Todd - Diabetes, blood sugar would go as high as 460. When he took 

2 servings daily, his glucose went down to mid to upper 200’s. When he 

started to take 4 servings daily within 2 weeks later blood sugar was 

down to 108, with no medication. He is doing great now.


Vivian - September 2012 - Endometrial cancer, felt great in 1 month, 

major improvements by November 2012. Her mom had a stillborn event 

in 1963 and surgical complications caused her to be blind in one eye 

since that time. She started this and 6 days later she was able to see 

images with that eye, increasing improvements as time continues, 

signifying nerve damage improvements.  


Jimmy - Nov. 2011 - Kidney Cancer, 10% kidney function, congestive 

heart failure, requiring a triple bypass. Transplant was canceled

because of the cardiac problem & triple by-pass was canceled because

of the kidney problem. He felt better within the week of starting this.

Feb 2012 testing showed “No evidence of cancer”, normal kidney

function, cardiac testing showed normal functions. Currently no issues,

no need for bypass. Update - all is fine - no problems, he is quite happy. 


Melissa - Dec. 15, 2008 – Advanced metastasized lung cancer,

advised to remove right lung, then chemo, otherwise she would be dead

in 1-3 years. Refused all treatments and started program.

ne year later - no evidence of cancer. She has been fine - no problems. 


Art  -  October 2011 - Huntington’s Disease, on partial disability. 

He started feeling better in a few days. Now works normal a shift, 

no longer tired, speech is normal again, he sleeps through the night. 

Everyone who knows him sees dramatic improvements.


Loretta - 2009 - ovarian & stomach cancer, came to us after chemo 

Nov 2011. Wheelchair bound originally, improved to use a walker and 

then walking canes. Has been exercising to rebuild muscles. 

Testing shows massive cancer reduction.  She continues to improve. 

 .  .

Angelina - 3 in-vitro pregnancy failures –started the program, her 

hormones were back to normal, she became pregnant in 2 months. 

Delivered Jan. 2010. Luca is a normal and healthy boy. 

She had another child in 2013 and they are all doing well. 


Jennifer - in CT, also had trouble with multiple in-vitro failures. 

She found that she was pregnant after a few months and had a normal 

pregnancy and delivery, with no complications. Needless to say, 

they are quite happy. 


9/11 first responders - after helping with the 9/11 clean-up many 

have had lung, brain, endocrine cancers & other major problems. 

We continue to help additional responders with great results, 

they are quite happy. We also help other various groups.


The Cellect tastes great - Unflavored, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, 

Mom’s Apple Pie powders. Also available in Capsules. 


National Cancer Research Foundation (NCRF) is a 501-C-3, 

“Not-For-Profit” - receiving minimal funding, a few thousand in donations 

yearly, from those we have helped, a very small amount but still helpful. 

A few people have been very generous & helpful to NCRF and we 

sincerely appreciate their efforts and support.


We have had 2 “Fundraising Events”: Oct 1, 2011 was a WONDERFUL 

dinner, which raised $7,000. Our 2nd event, a FANTASTIC luncheon on  

Oct 20, 2013, raised $5,000. Those funds were used to help people in 

legitimate financial difficulty. Not one penny went to salaries or 

compensation to anyone. I've never had a salary, I personally pay most 

of the Operating Expenses from my extremely small private funds to 

make everything work. I won't allow anyone to die due to lack of funds - 

I feel this is the right choice. We strive to move forward and do the best 

that we can. We want to plan more events to fund these programs. 

We hope to have another next year.


Even though I am a naturopathic doctor (ND), I do not charge 

consultation fees, we continue to only charge just above manufacturing 

cost for the minerals. If I charged fees, many people would not be able 

to afford our help. This is a devotion, not a business. Although I am 

financially stressed by this decision, I feel my devotion is more important.


The Thermography and BioResonance machines are helpful tools to 

evaluate how people are doing and provide accurate information.  

 am trying to save up to purchase them, they will cost about $10,000 

and $15,000 respectively. We will only charge minimal fees.  


We hope that the increased volume will help us expand financially. 

Referrals are coming from various parts of the country and

internationally. More doctors are showing interest due to their

observations of patients & family members showing dramatic

improvements. We respect those who are not interested, we focus on

those who listen so that we can help them most effectively.


Besides my medical experience, my previous experiences include: 

Architectural; 1976 - licensed in Real Estate; 1992 - Mortgage & 

Securities fields. I also maintain perfect credit, never late on any bill in 

my life despite the severe problems I've gone through. Because of my 

experiences & credibility, I am starting to work with various realtors, 

banks & financial institutions to generate various mortgages & securities 

programs at reduced rates. Any income that we generate from this will 

all be donated to the foundation to increase financial ability to grow, 

offer reduced cost for the minerals for those with financial difficulty, 

pay operating expenses & hire more employees. 

Our GOAL is to create satellite locations to reach & help more people, 

increase awareness by becoming well known through various channels, 

to help us work more effectively.

This is all in early stages of development.


I know how to have trials approved, without using “Double Blind

Studies – with placeboes”, for acceptable use in hospitals within the

FDA guidelines, with no risk. People taking a placebo would most likely

die, I won’t allow that to happen. There are a few interested hospitals,

but I don’t have funding to start trials or have doctors on staff to

document results. I will continue to try to make it happen.


We have a few video testimonials on the NCRF website, which we will 

be updating.  I want to create a video library categorized by topics and 

conditions, a self-education system. We have 10 times more 

documentation in our files. Our Exponential Growth

Observational Results” have shown impressive results, with more 

people all over the world contacting us for help.


We can only reach that goal if people will provide us with their 

documentation so that we can post their information to help educate 

more people. If you wish to create your own video tape testimonial for 

yourself, or your pet, that would help us tremendously.

We need detailed information, including identification information for

FDA and government proof when asked.

                 We would edit out your identification information from the

                 final video that we post for public viewing. 

We will also need as much documentation as possible to properly 

support the information that you provide to us.

The government and FDA respect us and are good to us because

we strictly follow their guidelines. We actually provide more information

than they require because we are proud of our efforts and results.  

Please be understanding & patient with us as we grow, we are doing

the best that we can helping as many people as possible.  

We wish you all a great holiday and hope that 2015 will be a healthy 

and prosperous year for you and your family.  



Fred  &  Lora  Eichhorn


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