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                                           Happy  Holidays  -  2017                             

                                                   Another blur right into 2018   

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                    


We hope everyone is doing well. 2017 has been a very interesting with some very exciting things happening

Mark & Kelly and their dogs (Daisy, Motley & Beth) live near Boston. 

Scott & Sharon enjoy their new home with Joseph, 4 ½ yo, Benjamin, 

who will be 2 in January, and new cat, Cosmo. 

They look forward to their CELLECT with great attitudes & personality.

Our Port Jefferson Station office is quite busy. We have recovered from 

the previous manufacturing plant who sabotaged us, when their move significantly delayed production. We are working to increase production 

to keep up with the exponential increase in orders. 

The growth continues, internationally too, the average is approximately 

10 new people contacting us daily for help with their various conditions; most with great results. 

We started in 1998 and last month marked 30,000 people who have contacted us for our help. We were not able to help some because of 

their other interfering treatments or their lack of consistency; especially when people jump from one protocol to another and/or combine our program with other treatments, expecting magical results. 

Sadly, that does not work. It is very upsetting when that happens. 

We have observed that people who reached us earlier and didn’t have previous or other interfering treatments showed faster, more effective results. 

We cannot tell people what to do, we can only educate those who listen.

NCRF website, video explanations/testimonials/information.                                          FACEBOOK link: is my personal link with detailed information, 

                       photos and videos in “Table of Contents” format.

Because NCRF was originally designed to focus on cancer conditions, some people who have non-cancer conditions have complained that they do not like us providing them something “designed to help Cancer”, which shows that they do not understand the biochemistry of how it all works. 

To resolve this concern, I am creating the “National Health Research Foundation”, focusing on “Non-Cancerous” conditions. 

            The website: and 


are still under construction. We've been extremely busy & have not had time to complete them yet. We hope to announce them early in 2018.

We've created new labels to relate to the other health conditions. 

The primary company name:  “Health-X-Cell”. 

                        Web under construction:   

The 4 products are 1. Femme-X-Cell, 2. Pedi-X-Cell, 3. Body-X-Cell, 

& 4. Pet-X-Cell.  Each will have testimonials to show “Observations” 

related to various conditions. 

Almost all are working, some of the websites need final touches.

 1.   Femme-X-Cell - Web: is working - for women  

       with relative            pictures on the label. Many show “Observational   

       Results” with PMS, Endometriosis, hormone issues,  

       pregnancy, conception & development improvements, menopause, 

       etc.               Soon to be on FACEBOOK .

 2.  Pedi-X-Cell - Web: - for children, 

      iike the other “X-Cell” products      Soon to be on FACEBOOK

 3.  Body-X-Cell - Web: is working - for men, 

      shows great results for various health conditions like   

      Diabetes/Cholesterol/Cardiac issues – many no longer needing their            

      medications.             Soon to be on FACEBOOK.  

 4.  Pet-X-Cell - Web: is working - for pets.  


Interesting experience which might help many.

Many remember my 1993 World Trade Center injuries, multiple fractures, bomb shrapnel, torn spinal cord 2 ½ “ at T-2, 3, 4, torn kidney 4”, & my pancreatic cancer surgical site was torn as well. It took many years

before I could walk again. 

Effects from those injuries caused me to collapse on April 19, 2013, re-injuring L-3, 4, 5, S-1, 11 herniated & bulging discs, damaging the 4 

facets of the coccyx tailbone, my right leg was 75% numb. 

On November 9, 2013, I collapsed again, injured my knee, & spine more severely. Due to a hematoma on my knee, the size of a softball, and torn tendons & nerves I was not able to walk for 5 weeks. 

On Feb 10, 2014 the Physical Therapist massaged the hematoma, broke the encapsulation causing blood clots in both legs and Pulmonary Embolisms in both lungs. I had 80% in both lungs (15 – 20% in one lung is enough to kill a person). 

My legs were total clots from ankle to hip, quite painful. I have no spleen (since to my pancreatic cancer surgery) to break down the clots & old red blood cells. Lora was quite upset. 

I had 3 sets of surgeries on my legs to remove as many blood clots as possible, they used a chemical, TPA, to break up the clots.  25% of the clots still remained & hardened into scar tissue, some are over 12” long.

The valves in the veins of my legs were destroyed, reducing circulation in my legs to about 20%. I am walking a little now, but it is extremely painful to walk. Exertion causes increased painful breathing & pain in the legs, so I need to lay down often. Doctors were quite surprised to see my improvements, commenting they never saw this before. Despite my injuries/severe pain I continue to keep busy around the clock.

In April 2017, the Dental Clinic was removing teeth damaged from the

TPA, chemical used to break up the clots. I had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, causing paralysis in my throat, speech and my left side. 

Since then, I've been in the hospital 8 separate times; plus 2 emergency room visits. I'm starting to walk a little bit with a walker, slowly improving. Despite all this, I am still working. Still very painful, but I keep moving forward. I do not slow down.

It still hurts my lungs when I talk, so please contact my office staff, who

are capable of answering most questions. When they are not positive of answers, they will discuss it with me and get back to you. 

           Meanwhile, I will keep busy reaching out to help this grow.

In addition to the Unflavored, the 3 flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate,                                              Strawberry taste wonderful, we also have Capsules.  


NCRF is a 501-C-3, “Not-For-Profit” - We sincerely appreciate the few thousand dollars in donations received annually, even a small amount is very helpful. A few people have been very generous & helpful to us 

and we sincerely appreciate their efforts and support.

We had two “Fundraising Events”: 1. - Oct 1, 2011, raised $7,000. 

Our 2nd event, Oct 20, 2013 raised $5,000. I also created a program, which helps people in legitimate financial difficulty, which costs us about $1,500 monthly. Not one penny went to salaries or compensation to anyone. I've never had a salary. 

I personally pay almost the entire Operating Expenses from my 

extremely small private funds to make it all work, I will not allow anyone 

to die due to lack of funds - I feel this is the right choice. I would like to create additional events to fund this program. I need help with that 

because I am not good at creating fundraisers.

Even though I am a naturopathic doctor (ND), I do not charge any consultation fees. We continue to only charge just above manufacturing cost for the minerals and related expenses. This is a devotion, not a business. Although I am financially stressed by this decision, I feel my devotion is more important. If I charged fees, many people would not be able to afford our help. 

I am trying to save up for Thermography and BioResonance machines, which cost about $10,000 and $15,000 each. They provide accurate information that will help many people see how they are doing. We plan 

on charging a minimal amount for these services.  

We’re considering to restart “Monthly Support Group Meetings” & 

would like your opinion whether it’s a good idea to start it again.

I am trying to save enough money to purchase 6 Skype setups with 55 

inch screens on the wall to have people in other locations become part of the meeting, each place can have many people, even groups at each, creating a more successful meeting with so many people from all over.

We are looking to have Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage 

Therapists, & other services/people I know & trust, to be in our office.

In addition to my medical background, I was licensed in Real Estate 

(1976), Mortgage & Securities fields (1992) and Architectural. I maintain perfect credit, never late on any bill in my life, despite what I've gone through. 

Because of my experiences & credibility, I am renewing my licenses to network with various realtors/banks/financial institutions/builders/

Architects, etc, to generate related business with building/design/mortgages/securities, etc, with my many contacts. 

I will donate any generated income I earn from it to increase the 

foundation funding program for those with financial difficulty. 

Our GOAL is to create satellite locations which will enable us to reach & help more people, increasing awareness about our program through various other channels. We are in the early stages. 

IMAGES UNLIMITED -The web shows my previous architectural & construction work, explaining my plans. If you or anyone 

you know needs design/building/financial services, we can get it done. 

If prior to the license renewals, I will refer the work to those I trust.

I have learned how to have trials approved, which are acceptable for use in hospitals and are within the FDA guidelines, without the potential risk of people dying if taking placeboes in “Double Blind Studies". I can’t allow that to happen. There are a few interested hospitals. I am working on finding the funding to start these trials or to have doctors on staff to document the results.

Our “Observational Results” show impressive results, leading to a significant increase in the number of new people contacting us for help.

We have a few video testimonials on the NCRF website. We also have more documentation in our files. I want to create a video library 

categorized by topics and conditions, like a self-education system. 

We hope that more people (and animals) that have been helped through the program will provide us with their documented information, so we can post more recent testimonials. If you wish to create your own written or video testimonial please contact the office, they will tell you what supporting detailed information is needed, We provide a copy to the FDA including identification information, we edit and remove all identification information from the testimonials & videos that we post for public viewing.

We are highly respected by the FDA and government investigators because we follow their guidelines correctly, and they like what they see. New and updated testimonials will help us tremendously because they provide support the educational information we provide.

We hope that the increased volume can help us to expand. Referrals are coming in from all over the world. More doctors are showing interest after observing that patients & family members are showing dramatic improvements. We focus on those who listen so that we can help them most effectively and we respect those who are not interested, Please be understanding & patient with us as we grow.

We wish you a great holiday & hope 2018 will be a healthy & prosperous year for you and yours. 


Fred & Lora Eichhorn



4747-20 Nesconset Hwy(Rt 347), Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776-2865

            *     E-Mails:        *     *  


    NCRF:        631-509-5311  or  1-877-CANCER FREE     *    

    CELLECT: 631-509-5316  or  1--866-MY CELLECT       *   

                                   Fax: 631-509-5317  




The good news  - Some of the recent Impressive cases are:

 (some were posted on our Facebook Page)

Marianna - August 2009, stage 4 Ovarian Cancer - given 3 months. 

Had hysterectomy & chemo, only to be told it didn't work. 

I Started taking 4 scoops daily, now cancer free. "I have had 8 years of good quality life. I have seen all my grandchildren graduate high school

and three have graduated college."

Cecile - Stage 4 uterine cancer in 2003. Given a 35% survival rate.  

August 2017 Facebook post: "I am still here! I owe it all to Cellect !!! 

 I took 4 scoops daily for 4 years and now take 2 scoops daily."

Sherri - 2014 stage 3 breast cancer, NO chemo or radiation. Drs told her she had zero chance of survival without it. In 2015 she had a lemon 

sized tumor on mastectomy site. Started taking 10-12 scoops daily, 

after 1 month the tumor was gone!! 3 1/2 years later Dr called to follow 

up; her husband said "she is doing fine, as a matter of fact." They said "REALLY???"  Not the answer they expected.

Sherri's friend had prostate cancer, took all available conventional treatments. In May 2017 he started 5-6 scoops daily. In July, scans showed tumors completely gone and blood work was perfect, PSA down from 599 to 0.008,  Dr said "keep doing what you are doing."

Veruska - tried to eradicate a Fibrosing Tumor by alternative means for a number of months with minimal progress. Started program over a year ago and within months the tumor disappeared. "I am so grateful every single day! Your encouragement was a pivotal part. You renewed my hope at a time when it was beginning to fade. I am continuing daily maintenance doses and plan to do so, always."

Danielle's Mom - advanced non small cell lung cancer. After scan Drs said that chemo wasn't working, cancer had progressed rapidly. All conventional treatment failed her and made the cancer worse. After being on program for 3 weeks a repeat scan showed cancer was stable. Dr. was shocked, he expected it to be much worse. Her mom coughed up reddish mucous blobs, which is the dying lung cancer.

Nancy - 2014 diagnosed with Breast Cancer (HER2 positive with progesterone and estrogen positive), after completing some chemo and radiation she refused further treatment. On program for 2 years, she has "no evidence of disease".

Jennifer - Diabetic for 20 years, 12 years using an insulin pump she was consistently taking 16 units daily. After 6 months on the program she was able to reduce her insulin to 9 units daily. She is very pleased and 

continues to wean herself off the insulin.


Michelle - Breast cancer stage 4 - April 2017 scans show cancer had gotten larger, was in multiple lymph nodes under right arm & spread to spine. Dr said without radiation & surgery she would be paralyzed, had a year at most. April 2017 started 4-7 servings daily. PET scan in July 

showed no signs of cancer in spine and minimal activity in lymph nodes. 

"I feel amazing! Don't ever give up hope!"

Robert - Pancreatic Cancer - whipple surgery 1/2017, No chemo or radiation, The May 8, 2017 MRIs came back "no evidence".

Wendy - Update: diagnosed 10/6/06 with liver cancer in 2 locations, she was given about 3 months to live. Her doctor was adamant that she immediately start chemo. She refused and chose our approach. 

By 1/9/07 there was no evidence. Today she’s fine, she jogs and is a volleyball referee; she is quite active.           Link:

J- Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy - started August 2011 at 10 years old -

 no muscle tone, extremely weak,bones sticking out. After a week he had improved muscle tone. After a few weeks, his muscles held his bones correctly, he can sit up on his own, push himself around, sat on an 

alligator float and held himself up straight as his mom pulled him around 

the pool. Not 100% yet but still improving.           


Robert - July 10, 2013- diagnosed High Grade Bladder Cancer. After evaluating his options, he declined the typical approaches and chose 

more natural ways of healing and found NCRF. March 4, 2014, his FISH test yielded great results, no evidence of cancer.

Marcia - 2002 Diagnosed with endometrial cancer, had treatments; then ovarian cancer in 2004; then terminal metastatic liver/colon cancer in 

2007- had surgery. Started November 2009 and April 2010 tests showed great. Currently “Cancer-Free” 8 years - Feels great.

Jimmy - Nov. 2011 - Kidney Cancer, 10% kidney function, congestive 

heart failure, requiring a triple bypass. Transplant canceled due to 

cardiac issues & triple by-pass canceled due to kidney problems. He felt better within a week of starting. Feb 2012 tests showed “No evidence of cancer”, normal kidney function, normal cardiac function, no longer 

needed bypass. Update: Still fine, he's quite happy. J

Melissa - Dec. 15, 2008 – Advanced metastasized lung cancer, told to remove right lung, then chemo, otherwise she would be dead in 1-3 

years. Refused all treatments, started program. One year later - no evidence of cancer. She has been fine - no problems.

Todd - Diabetes - blood sugar would go as high as 460. When he took 2 servings daily, his glucose went down to mid to upper 200’s. Then he started taking 4 servings daily, 2 weeks later his glucose was down to 

108 with no medication. He is doing great now.

Art  -  October 2011 - Huntington’s Disease, on partial disability. He felt better in a few days. Now works normal shift, no longer tired, speech is normal again, sleeps through the night, everyone who knows him sees dramatic improvements weekly.

Loretta - 2009 - ovarian & stomach cancer, came to us after chemo, in 

Nov 2011. Wheelchair bound originally, then used a walker and then walking canes, exercising to rebuild her muscles. Improvements show massive cancer reduction.  She continues to improve.

Angelina - 3 in-vitro pregnancy failures –started the program, her hormones were back to normal, became pregnant in 2 months. She delivered her son, Luca, in Jan. 2010. He is normal and healthy. She has since had a daughter and they are all doing well.

9/11 first responders - after helping with the clean-up they have had 

lung, brain, endocrine cancers & other major problems. We have helped many of them with great results, they are quite happy. We also help 

various other groups.

Carol - 7 pound dog had Lymphoma. Doctors said he would die in 

2 weeks. Taking CELLECT, the dog is doing GREAT !!!

Augie - (yellow Lab) - January 2011 diagnosed with bone and skin 

cancer, severe in April, did  not expect him to reach his May 12th 

birthday - see link: Many pictures show dramatic improvements from April 7 to May 12 (picture with birthday bottle hat) 

and video of him running in the yard. Memorial Day video shows no evidence as he jumps into the lake to get his stick.

Mugsy - young bull dog - 3 inch tumor removed with cancer spreading to other body parts, given 1 month to live . Fine today

Kathi - "My 15 year old dog stays healthy and energetic, She loves cellect!!!" My friend's dog was sickly with an enlarged heart. He took 1 teaspoon/day for a week and he has a spark in him again. They are a ecstatic, no longer debating on whether to put him down.