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National  Cancer  Research  Foundation

National  Health  Research  Foundation

NHERF is in Construction for Non-Cancerous Conditions

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FLYER - Summary of our efforts - Link:



National Cancer Research Foundation - Group: 


CELLECT - Program - 


CELLECT Program - Frequently Asked Questions - 




As founder and president of the    

National Cancer Research Foundation


My efforts are the results of my research initiated as a result of my pancreatic cancer in 1976, at age 21, a few months after my graduation in Architecture.


At that time, I was given 3 weeks to live without surgery, 3 – 6 months with surgery.


Upon resolving the cancer by my own research, I went to med school, studied Surgical Transplant surgery, and taught Chemistry Lab. 

My motivation was strengthened after my massive injuries from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which almost killed me, and I was treated more like a criminal than a victim.


In 1997, my sister had the same cancer as I had, she did well taking  the mineral program I developed until her doctors convinced her to stop my formulation and take the chemo/radiation, she died 2 months later.

I was devastated and determined to help as many people as possible to prevent repeats of my sister’s situation. I work almost 24/7 to help as many people as possible to prevent what my sister went through.


Lora is my wife and VP of the foundation, my strong support & partner to make this work successfully.


Interesting  Links  to  see  on  the  website


On the main website, www.ncrf.orgthe Testimonial section includes the cancer and non-cancerous conditions, showing well documented results.

  Cancerous conditions:

    Non - Cancerous conditions:


       Cellular & Chemistry Summary  -  16  pages:


                                        How It Works - 4 pages:

                               Descriptive pix to go with the Cellular and Chemistry Summary


Fred  Personal Intro - Link:

               Background - Link:



Booklets  &  Other  Literature  -

Including: Primary Discussion - Thesis from Master's Program "Nutritional Physical Biochemistry".


Bio and Theories – reflecting cancer as a mutation and not an invader:



Certifications - Link:

1. Surgical Transplantation Research work

2. Taught Chemistry Lab at Stony Brook University 

3. Naturopathic Doctorate, with a 4.0 cum.                 


4. Cert Award - Tied first place as best Chemistry Lab teacher ( TA ) in the department,

                        Dr. Carolyn B. Allen was the head of the dept. I worked under. She was a 

                        wonderful honorable person who was devoted to the students and their

                        accomplishments. She understood my goals & obstacles from my cancer.

                        Her dedication and the department's support gave me the motivation

                        when I was in extreme pain from my pancreatic surgery. I did the 

                        lectures for the final lab compiling the course. I honor her everyday.

                        I tied with the head doctorate in the department: 




             I taught under Paul Lauderbur, the inventor of the imaging part of the MRI.

             Ray Damadian,  my wonderful friend, invented the scanning  part of the MRI.


Cellular and Chemistry Summary - 16 page summary - 

          Including Cancer Summary, including the   Intro “ & “ Mineral Panel



       “ How it Works- Pictures to go with the summary - 





1. Explains my work, plus patient testimonials  –  Link:


2. Various people with their cancers & experiences  –  Link:  


3. Brain Cancer – 4rd recurrent 3rd stage Astrocytoma – 2/22/09.

                                                   9 months - “No Evidence of Cancer”      




Lab Codes   -   Link:


                          Mineral Tests suggested to properly evaluate the true mineral 

                                              deficiencies. Basically, any lab can do these tests.


                   If doctors ordered these tests, they would have a better evaluation of their

                            patient’s health to provide more effective and natural resolutions.



My description explaining how the body makes cancer and that cancer is not an outside invader                           Link:


We are trying to help people learn about their body to provide the needed material for the body to perform more effectively to resolve problems naturally to help keep people alive and give them back their life again, at least as they previously enjoyed it, or better than they previously had.


We are not interested in taking their money, as we charge just above the cost for the minerals because we have to pay for that. We cannot afford to give them out for free.


We do not receive financial help, except for a few donations from a few people we helped. Operating expenses are paid from my personal funds to make this all work. That is our choice, which we believe is a good choice. It is a devotion, not a business.


Observational Results are showing that cancer is not the outside invader they are trying to kill. Instead, that the cancer and other issues are the result of the body’s response to one or more mineral deficiencies, causing changes in DNA instructions Expression) relative to health problems and recurrences.


Today’s medical society does not reverse engineer to properly determine the true root cause of the problem.


Instead, they provide symptomatic treatments, which cause additional side effects. How can you use toxic chemistries and expect natural results ??


We “Reverse Engineer” to determine the problem's root source of initiation, then correct the "root source", provide the minerals - the body can correct the domino effects to allow itself to resolve problems on its own in a natural manner.


The previous “Incorrect ECO SYSTEM” no longer exists, causing cancer & incorrect cells to die by their own starvation, like algae in a swimming pool.


More  Interesting  Links


Link:   shows where Doug had colon cancer 9 cm, Nov 9, 2010, started Dec 7, 2010. The next picture shows March 30, 2011 - No evidence of cancer. 




Link:    shows where Jennifer had 4th recurrent brain cancer,

                                                                     " No Evidence of Cancer " in one month.


       Previous years, she had the first tumor removed at Sloan, the second removed at

       Brigham’s Women’s Hospital, third removed at Duke in fall of 2008. In Feb 2009

       she showed residual and recurrence, instead of surgery, she took minerals,

       showed dramatic reduction by May 2009.


       Thanksgiving 2009 showed “No evidence”. She was happy. As time continued,

       she stopped taking this, resume bad eating habits. August 8, 2011 shows

       recurrence, given no hope. Jenn made strong efforts to correct all bad habits

         and took a lot of the minerals.


         Sept. 8, 2011, one month, showed “ No  Evidence ” of anything & no residual.


         The August 7, 2012 MRI was the one year anniversary since diagnosis, stable

         with no recurrence. The last sentence indicated that there was no need for 

         further testing unless clinically necessary.


         Sept 8, 2012 was one year anniversary of “No Evidence”.


         August 7, 2012 MRI report -  shows 

           stable "No Evidence of Cancer" & scar tissue breaking down to normal tissue





 Link:    Shows where Augie, a Yellow Labrador Retriever,

                                                    was dying of Bone & Skin Cancer.


Picture April 7, 2011 shows the severity and painful sores all over his body.


They did not think he would live to see his birthday on May 12. 


The comparison pictures on May 11 show it was 90% "No evidence" and he felt great. He was wearing the bottle as his birthday hat on his 12th birthday on May 12, 2011.


The video shows him running around the yard on May 12, having fun with no visible

       sores.  Another video shows him jumping into the water on Memorial Day

       weekend to get his stick. He was doing great.


Unfortunately, in the early fall, because Augie was doing so great, they stopped

       giving this to him, about Christmas, he was not feeling well, the vet euthanized 

       Augie instead of putting Augie back on the minerals. 




A gal in Delray Beach was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Jan 2010 and is clean as of April 2010. The doctors pressured her into surgery and told her it was invading her body and that she will die without the treatments.


When they went to do the surgery in April, 2010, there was a fraction of the original cancer, pathology showed it was almost totally gone. The bottom line - she never needed the surgery. We just move forward. She is fine.


She and I grew up together since 8th grade in 1969, However, we did not see each other after we graduated high school in 1973, and only reconnected when she had her cancer in January 2010. Meanwhile, she knows what I went through first hand, since the day I woke up Dec 4, 1971, paralyzed with Lou Gehrigs (ALS), at 16 years old, hospitalized from 12/4/71 through Easter 1972, after that, I walked with a cane when I could walk, took 45 minutes to get to each class, went to periods 1, 3, 5, 7 one day, 2, 4, 6, 8 the next, which later became pancreatic cancer.


Sept 2010, her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and we helped him as well.  




The mineral program I created is CELLECT.   shows ingredients. 


1. Go to articles to see where Memorial Sloan Kettering has me listed 

    on their website - Link: 


2. Virginia Academy of Science did investigation on my work with Alzheimer’s.  

    Their testing revealed that the inflammation factor dropped from 5113 down to 

    0.046 in 7 months, which is 11 million percent improvement. 

    They did the testing, not me.                 



Interview with Adam Abraham


48 minute video interview with Adam Abraham, a nutritionist and health coach in Phoenix Arizona.


               It aired June 25, 2012.


It can be watched by visiting the following Link :


The detail is great. The entire clip is about 45 minutes.


I hope that you will like it, as it gives good detail to provide a better understanding.


On the page you can stream the video.  Depending on your internet connection it might take a little bit of time to load and buffer


The video can also be downloaded by clicking the link provided on the page, or right-

      clicking that link and choosing "Save Link As".  This will allow you to watch the

      video interruption-free on your computer, however the file is large (545 MB) and 

      might take a while to download.



Video of our work is now on "You Tube"




I do not know how it happened,  but I was sent a copy of the video from the April 6 News 12 video of our work.


       It is now on "You Tube"


Some people in the clip who need to be identified. So that you know who they are:


1.  The two tone purple shirt and sweater is my great friend of 25 years, Karen. 

     Her husband Chris, my great friend since 1978, was not able to attend the meeting.


2.  The person in the green shirt is Doug, Maritza is his sweet wife to his left. 

      Doug was diagnosed on Nov 9, 2010 with colon cancer, 9 cm. the only option

      that they offered him was a radical colostomy (removal of the colon and lower

      intestines) to add a few months to his life. he refused all treatments, decided take

      this, started Dec 7. then, they took updated scans and colonoscopy (camera up

      through the colon) same as first exam, there was no evidence of anything  

      abnormal.             Pictures can be seen at the link .


3.  Wendy is the gal in the dark purple with the long hair, also in the packing room.

      Wendy was diagnosed on  Oct 7, 2006, with multiple liver cancer, offered chemo   

      to give her a few   months to live at that time. she refused all their treatments

      and only took this. Three months later, January 9, 2007, there was no evidence. 


      The report states that the tumors reduced (they were afraid to saw that there was

      nothing there to be seen) and then stated that the tumors could only be seen on

      the previous pictures (Oct 7, 2010). she has been clean since and has no

      problems. Her Link is:



  I was also in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, fractures all over,

     including massive amounts of bomb shrapnel, took 4 ½ years to learn to walk again 

     and 6 years to learn how to use my arm again. The 2 links show that even 2 years 

     later I still had a lot of shrapnel in me and fractures that never healed. 


  Links:    -  showing bomb shrapnel

         -  showing fractures in alignment




We hope that you find this interesting. 

                                           Please feel free to call us if we can be of any additional help.


Our reputation is totally based on “word of mouth”. 

The office is 3,600 sf, link to see pictures 


Because of our continued growth, we are actually looking to find a 5 - 6,000 sf office,

     but cannot afford the related costs yet.


If we can be of any help, please feel free to contact us.

The office is available to help you. Contact info is below.


Have great day     


Dr. Fred Eichhorn, ND

President - National Cancer Research Foundation     


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CELLECT Program - Frequently Asked Questions - 


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