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These are the links to the information relative to:

        April 19, 2013  -  Spinal injuries

 November 9, 2013  -  Knee injury

 February 10, 2014  -  Physical Therapist massaging the   hematoma from the 11/9/14 Knee Injury causig the blood Clots to travel to the lungs causing the Pulmonary Embolisms

MRI report:      

Blood   Work  -  2013


The various blood work shows the liver was OK through the years and function of all organs are great like an 18 year old.  -  June 6, 2013  -  June 26, 2013  -  March 25, 2014 

Knee  Injury  -  November 9, 2013

Knee Injury initially Nov 9, 2013


First set of pictures Nov 9, 2013 - initial Injury. then Nov 12, 18, 29, Dec 1


On the left side, you will see a list.


the very last one, on the bottom, you will see  " Knee  Injury "


When you put your mouse pointer on the words,   " Knee  Injury "

you will see another box pop out, it will show 5 links, each with a date.

These dates reflect the updated pictures taken to show the fast rate of healing,


Although it is still painful, the healing is much faster than doctors anticipated.


Therefore, as bad as it is, it is also a learning tool to show

how fast it is healing in comparison to typical situations.


I lost my balance and fell through a ceilng, my right leg was jammed between two beams, forced the blood up, blew out the capillaries, created a hematoma the size of a softball. 

The following links show the damage. I was black & blue from my ankle to my hip.

Links:  Nov 9, 2013 initial injury  Nov 12, 2013 Black & Blue  Nov 18, 2013   Nov 29, 2013  Dec 1, 2013  Dec 5, 2013  Jan 2, 2014

Pulmonary  Embolisms  -  February 20, 2014


In late January, the Physical Therapists started the Physical Therapy on my leg. On February 10, she started to massage my hematoma, I was upset and did not like that, she said that she knows what she is doing. An hour later, I was having trouble breathing. Later that day, I was having trouble swallowing also.

On Feb 20, it was suffocating so severely, Lora brought me to St Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson. they did a CT scan and came back to me horrified. they told me that I was full of pulmonary embolisms in my arteries and lung, pushing pressure on the right side of my heart. 

They explained that 15 - 20% in one lung is enough to kill me, I had 80% in each lung. The links show the CT reports showing the severity.  Feb 20, 2014  March 27, 2014