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October 27, 2014

The CTA shows no evidence of any pulmonary embolisms.

The doctors were totally shocked and gave credit to the CELLECT because they never saw anything disappear like this to begin with.

Adding to that, I do not have a spleen because that was removed during my October 26, 1976 surgery, 38 years ago.

The blood clots in my legs are breaking down but dispersing to other areas and creating additional clogged veins, it is extremely painful. There are no new clots.

As I had 3 sets of surgeries, the original amount of clots is now about 20% of the original, however, because they are breaking down, they are dispersing to new locations, causing new blockages, and causing additional pain. They said that they never saw this happen before and were excited. 

Sadly, as the clots break down, they are going into deeper locations in my legs and lungs, which is why it hurts me so much to breathe and walk.

Over time, the CELLECT chemistry will help the body to continue breaking these clots to smaller pieces until they are eventually totally diminished and gone. meanwhile, I have to deal with the pain breathing and walking. 

I walked outside around the perimeter of the house, and had to lay down for almost a half hour because the exertion caused so much pain.

This is also the reason I do not speak to people much, it hurts me to talk. Some people are nasty and demanding, as they do not want to hear it.

Previously, some doctors argued with me that they wanted me to take anticoagulants for the rest of my life. I refused because it did not make sense and they caused me additional severe pain, weakness, and overall terrible feeling. I argued that the anticoagulants help to prevent NEW clots and does nothing to resolve the existing clots.

The fact that the Pulmonary Embolisms are gone and the blood clots are stable in my legs proved that I was correct and all those doctors arguing with me are wrong.

It is all going in the right direction, but very slow and extremely painful. It is improving, slight, but in the correct direction.

Now that I have this report, I am trying to see if the surgeon can do additional surgery to remove more clots, and eventually get enough out to reduce the pain to a more tolerable level.