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                        Videos - Testimonials List

                         These are Testimonial videos and other Various videos

A-1  Brain Cancer: Jennifer - 8/8/11 - 4th recurrent 3rd stage Astrocytoma.
              Showing "No Evidence" in one month 9/8/11 
              Video - 10/20/13 luncheon - Jennifer - 

                         explaining her story is at the October 20, 2013 Luncheon


         Link: - October 20, 2013:

         Earlier Video - April 2011:

A-2  Lung Cancer: Anthony L. - 5 cm tumor, Felt great in one month. 

         Showed improvement while on program



A-3  Triple Colon Cancer, Mitral Valve Prolapse, 3 strokes, 2 heart attacks:
              Cesar, 78 yo - responded dramatically, went home in a few weeks.

              January 2002 - Triple Colon Cancer, Mitro-Valve Prolapse   

                   June 2002  -  No evidence of any cancer nor cardiac issues

                                    He stopped program during the summer of 2002.

                   3/24/04 - three strokes 2 heart attacks, Brain Dead, recovered.

                                A few years later, he decided to stop taking it at age 82.

                                    As a result, he declined and eventually passed away.



A-4  Pancreatic, Liver, Stomach, Throat and Neck Cancer: Cowboy Joe -                       No evidence of any cancer in 14 months. 
                  Cancer Markers dropped, "875" down to "11" in 14 months

      Joe had pancreatic, liver, stomach, throat & neck cancer, given a short

      time to live. After 14 months, he showed “No Evidence” of any cancer in

      his body. A few years later, he was doing a horse show, got a tick bite,  

      his leg blew up from it.  The doctors were not aware that he was born

      with one kidney. As a result, he was overdosed with Lasix and he died

      from kidney failure. It was later confirmed that he did not have cancer. 



A-5  Prostate Cancer and Mercury Poisoning 2003: Steve,
        No evidence of cancer in 3 months 
                             and mercury levels were normal in 8 months

Prostate Cancer Mercury Poisoning 63 parts per million (ppm), norm

               below 5 ppm - 

         Initial Diagnosis - Jan 2003. 3 months later - April 2003, tests showed 

                  “No Evidence” of cancer

                                    August 2003, mercury level was 3 ppm.




A-6  Multiple Sclerosis - showed dramatic improvements in a short time

                        Various Videos - List
B-1  My Explanation of the biochemistry causing the various conditions.

        How the body makes cancer & that cancer is not an outside invader





B-2  News 12 - Interview and office tour April 6, 2012

             Video of our work is now on You Tube 



    There are people in the clip who need to be identified.
                                                                 So that you know who the people are:

    1.  The two tone purple shirt & sweater is my great friend of 25 years, Karen
         Her husband Chris, my great friend since 1978,
                                                                       was not able to attend the meeting.

    2.  The person in the green shirt is Doug, Maritza is his sweet wife to his left. 

         Doug was diagnosed Nov 9, 2010 with colon cancer, 9 cm. the only option
         they offered him was a radical colostomy (removal of the colon and lower
         intestines) to add a few months to his life. He refused all treatments.
         He decided to take this, started Dec 7.

         Udated scans and colonoscopy, camera up through the colon, was done

         the same as first exam. There was no evidence of anything abnormal.
                       Pictures can be seen at the Link: .

    3.  Wendy -  gal in the dark purple with the long hair, also in the packing room.
         She was diagnosed Oct 7, 2006, with multiple liver cancer, offered chemo
         give her a few months to live at that time. she refused all their treatments.
         Only took this. 3 months later, January 9, 2007,  No Evidence of Cancer

         Report states tumors reduced, they were afraid to say there was nothing
         there to be seen, then stated the tumors could only be seen on previous
         pictures, Oct 7, 2010. She has been fine since and has no problems.  

                    Her link is:


B-3  Save Long Island Forum - 
                                 Discussion on  January 18, 2014 - Total Time:  25:00



B-4                      Interview with Adam Abraham

          Adam Abraham is a nutritionist and health coach in Phoenix area in Arizona.


 It aired June 25, 2012.


    It can be watched by visiting the following Link: 

    There are 2 topics on Adam's video.  

    The other topic is about MMS. It is about using Sodium Chloride, 

    which extremely upsets me, the biochemistry is extremely toxic,                           

    a few people who chose that path are no longer with us.                                       

    I have nothing positive to say about it.

    To focus on our subject, 

               the video is a total of 59 minutes, 30 seconds - 59:30


    When you watch it, you can stream the video, that way you can watch segments:                                       1;10 - 11:31;          11:35 - 30:05;          32:42 - 59:30 (the end)


    The detail is great.

    I hope that you will like it because it gives good detail to provide a better
    understanding. On the page you can stream the video. 
    Depending on your internet connection it might take a little bit of ime to load.

    The video can also be downloaded by clicking the link provided on the page,  

                                        or right-clicking that link and hoosing "Save Link As".  
     This will allow you to watch the video interruption-free on your computer, 

                however the file is large (545 MB) and might take a while to download.


 Interesting Pets - Many more videos to come


C-1                             Baron Loves his Minerals Daily

White German Shepherd


Video starts with Baron sleeping under the chairs as mom mixes for Baron & herself. As she gets it ready, he gets up, tail wagging and drooling and licking his chops.

He drinks it all up, then goes back to lay down again. 


Because he has been taking it for a few years, he no longer has the hip dispasia, typical in his breed, and has energy. He goes into the swimming pool often, they must have changed the chemistry in the pool chemicals, recently affecting his skin and losing hair on his back.

Since we doubled the dosage, which he loves, the skin is healing nicely and the hair is growing back, he is so happy.


In the video, my mom is 88 years old, in perfect health, no medications of any kind. Prior to starting to take the minerals, she had diverticulitis for 60 years, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, water pills. 

After she started the minerals 10 years ago, her doctor weaned her off all medications shortly after. 

She is fine, eats healthy quality foods - no restrictions. No arthritis nor any hinderances, just bought a new car


    C-2.  Augie, Yellow Lab, diagnosed with Bone and Skin Cancer, given no hope.


         The pictures show April 7 the massive lesions all over his body.

         5 weeks later, May 12, his 12th birthday, they lesions cleared up and he was

         gaining weight back, and he was feeling great.

         He wore the bottle as a Birthday Hat on May 12

         2 videos: Previously, he could hardly walk, the vet wanted to put him down.

          May 12 - Augie was running around the back yard with his stick.

          May 31 - Memorial Day weekend, he was swimming and jumping off the dock

                         going after his stick in the water.

          Link:   shows comparison pictures and the 2 videos