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Baron Loves his Minerals Daily


Video starts with Baron sleeping under the chairs as mom mixes for Baron & herself. As she gets it ready, he gets up, tail wagging and drooling and licking his chops.

He drinks it all up, then goes back to lay down again. He will be 10 years old in February


Because he has been taking it for a few years, he no longer has the hip dispasia, typical in his breed, and has energy. He goes into the swimming pool often, they must have changed the chemistry in the pool chemicals, recently affecting his skin and losing hair on his back.

Since we doubled the dosage, which he loves, the skin is healing nicely and the hair is growing back, he is so happy.


In the video, my mom is 88 years old, in perfect health, no medications of any kind. Prior to starting to take the minerals, she had diverticulosis for 60 years, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, water pills. After she started the minerals 10 years ago, her doctor weaned her off all medications shortly after. She is fine, eats healthy quality foods - no restrictions. No arthritis nor any hinderances, just bought a new car

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